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  • Moving Forces during Mobility Guardian 23

    During Air Mobility Command’s largest exercise with Allies and partners, the 168th Wing delivered air refueling. Service members from multiple countries conducted several combat tasks, including coalition airdrops, aeromedical evacuations, airlift, and air refueling. Mobility Guardian 23 set the

  • 168th Wing Refuels the Forces at Red Flag-Alaska 23-3

    A 168th Wing KC-135 Stratotanker crew chief calls over the radio to the 168th Wing pilots up in the cockpit while inspecting the vertical stabilizer. The crew chief acts as their eyes at the back of the plane, making their way around the aircraft to continue conducting preflight inspections. The

  • Why I Serve: Senior Airman Kyle Davis, 168th Security Forces

    Serving in the Alaska Air National Guard in Fairbanks, Alaska, it is home to Senior Airman Kyle Davis of the 168th Security Forces. Davis has served two years in the Alaska Air Guard but has settled here, calling it home after his Dad retired from the active-duty Air Force at Eielson Air Force Base.

  • 168th Wing conducts Change of Command

    The 168th Wing deputy commander changed hands during a change of command ceremony August 5, 2023, at Eielson Air Force Base.Col. Ronald Oliver became the new deputy commander of the 168th Wing, and Col. Benjamin Doyle took the lead of the 168th Wing Operations Group.

  • 168th Wing participates in Air Defender 2023, NATO’s largest air exercise.

    EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska – Airmen of the 168th Wing, Alaska Air National Guard, deployed to Iceland and Scotland and returned home to Eielson Air Force Base after supporting the German-led exercise Air Defender 2023, the largest Air Force deployment exercise since NATO was formed in 1949.

  • 168th Wing hosts Dining Out, Air Force Tradition, Hap Arnold's "Wing Ding"

    The 168th Wing Commander held a Dining Out, a ball-like event with dinner, a guest speaker, and dancing, in Fairbanks, Alaska, for the Airmen of the 168th Wing to keep Air Force traditions alive and continue morale-building ceremonies during drill weekend, June 2, 2023.The Air Force Dining Out event

  • Bring a Buddy Day, sharing the Guard opportunity

    The 168th Wing held their annual Bring-a-Buddy to Work Day, allowing members to bring their families and friends and welcoming community friends on base to explore the 168th Wing aircraft, careers, and facilities. The 168th Wing showcased their capabilities through various squadron briefings,