168th Wing Chaplain Team

To reach anyone in the  Chaplain Office, please call (907) 377-8738

Wing Chaplain:
Ch. Maj. Raymond Lowdermilk
Cell: (907) 385-6908

Ch. Capt. Joel Heath

Ch. Lt. Jennifer Pottinger 

Religious Affairs Airmen:

TSgt Jesse Alford

TSgt Linda Kubacki

SSgt Teresa Koch

How can we help?

- Confidential Religious Ministry for military member and families 
- Someone you can turn to, no matter what 
- Private Marital and Family Counseling 
- A confidential, caring, listening ear
- Help with Life Issues
- Crisis Intervention
- Spiritual Guidance
- Suicide Prevention 
- Weddings 
- Funerals 
- Baptisms