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  • 168th Wing Refuels Red Flag Alaska - Going the Distance

    Red Flag-Alaska 24-1, a Pacific Air Forces-led exercise, ramped up operations at Eielson Air Force Base, allowing an exchange of tactics, techniques, and procedures with the visiting Italian Air Forces, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Navy, April 18 – May 3, 2024. Approximately 2,000 service members

  • 168th Wing enables Fighter Support over the Pacific during Agile Reaper 24-1

    Airmen from the 168th Wing support Agile Reaper 24-1, providing combat refueling capabilities to the 3rd Air Expeditionary Wing F-22 Raptors and airlift for cargo and passenger assets traveling from Joint Base Elemendorf-Richardson, Alaska, to Guam and multiple locations across the Pacific. As part

  • 168th Security Forces train 168th Maintenance Multi-Capable Airmen

    Airmen with the 168th Wing refined tactics for possible future conflicts during a shoot, move, and communicate course at Eielson Air Force Base, March 11-15, 2023. The 168th Maintenance Group Airmen were trained as multi-capable Airmen with the 168th Security Forces Squadron and learned SFS tactics

  • Serving our nation from Contracting to becoming a Pilot

    Serving as a contract specialist in the 183d Wing, Illinois Air National Guard, Airman Rachel Clark received a phone call to serve in the 168th Wing, Alaska Air National Guard. Since the day she received the phone call in 2019, she has served with the 168th Wing and is now Lt. Rachel Clark.

  • Chief connects with People as an Airman and Tattoo Artist

    People have been marking their skin for thousands of years. Around the world, across cultures, tattoos hold different significances. Ancient Siberian nomads, Indigenous Polynesians, Nubians, Native South Americans, and Greeks used tattoos for various reasons.The oldest documented tattoos belong to

  • 168th Wing Rising 6 helping Interior Alaska

    As the hustling and bustling of the holiday season began, the 168th Wing Rising 6 Airmen organized a drive gathering donated items and gifts for the Nonprofit Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living. The idea started with Rising 6, the enlisted Airman organization wanting to give back to their