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  • Chief connects with People as an Airman and Tattoo Artist

    People have been marking their skin for thousands of years. Around the world, across cultures, tattoos hold different significances. Ancient Siberian nomads, Indigenous Polynesians, Nubians, Native South Americans, and Greeks used tattoos for various reasons.The oldest documented tattoos belong to

  • 168th Wing Rising 6 helping Interior Alaska

    As the hustling and bustling of the holiday season began, the 168th Wing Rising 6 Airmen organized a drive gathering donated items and gifts for the Nonprofit Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living. The idea started with Rising 6, the enlisted Airman organization wanting to give back to their

  • Why I Serve – Serving in the Services Career Field

    For eleven years now, Staff Sgt. Zuzzy McFeron has served in the Oklahoma and Alaska Air National Guard as Services in the Force Support Squadron. McFeron joined to leave her hometown and has since had many adventures along with serving her hometown.

  • A Veteran's Journey from Jet Engine Mechanic to Command Chief

    When Chief Master Sgt. Teresa Renson enlisted in the Air Force with an open general career field on September 17, 1985, she didn't know it would lead her to be a jet engine mechanic and later serve as a wing command chief in the 168th Wing. Renson served in the United States Air Force and Alaska Air

  • Agile Alaskan Airmen Increase Air Power

    As threats continue to evolve, multi-capable Airmen familiarize themselves with different specialties, allowing them to become more agile. The 168th Civil Engineering Squadron, 168th Security Forces, and 168th Medical Group joined forces to augment each other's strengths during an agile combat

  • 168th Maintenance Group awarded Alaska Governor's Trophy

    The Alaska Air National Guard’s 168th Wing Maintenance Group received the Alaska Governor’s Trophy and the Alaska Governor’s Distinguished Unit Citation at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, August 4, 2023. The Alaska Governor’s Distinguished Unit Citation Ribbon honors Alaska National Guard personnel